src2img CLI NPM Module

Converts source code to high quality images.


Install with npm:

$ npm i src2img-cli -g

If you encounter permission errors run the following instead:

$ sudo npm i src2img-cli -g --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

The permission errors are related to puppeteer. See this issue.


Display the help information:

$ src2img --help


Usage: index [options] [command]


    -V, --version                    output the version number
    -h, --help                       output usage information


    render [options] <filenames...>  converts source code to high quality images
    presets                          lists saved presets
    open                             opens the presets file

Display the render help information:

$ src2img render --help


Usage: render [options] <filenames...>

  converts source code to high quality images


    -o, --out <dir>      specifies an output directory (default: .)
    -t, --type <type>    specifies an output file type (png or jpeg) (default: png)
    -n, --port <number>  specifies a port number (default: 8888)
    -p, --preset <name>  uses a preset
    -h, --help           output usage information

Simple rendering example:

$ src2img render myfile.js

Follow the prompts as they pop up and feel free to save a preset! You can reuse a saved preset using the -p or --preset flag as shown above.

Note that the best way to increase the resolution of the rendered image is to choose a high font size in the prompts.

Some rendered code:



Pull requests and stars on the GitHub repository are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Running Tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm i -d && npm test


Copyright © 2018 Tomer Aberbach Released under the MIT license.